Author Topic: Destiny 2 (PC)  (Read 2344 times)


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Destiny 2 (PC)
« on: May 17, 2017, 09:26:49 am »

Destiny the game has been a stalwart for me on the console for the past 3 years. Yes I've taken breaks here and there to play other games, but I always seem to come back to Destiny. The thrill of planet hopping in our solar system is always a great reason to pick the game back up. But when it comes down to it gathering a Raid party of 6 people together is one of the best COOP experiences in a game yet. The objective in Raids is to run, jump, fight, and complete challenges throughout each stage of the raid until you come to the final boss.

Each boss encounter usually takes the full effort of each team member to beat. Sure some folks have figured out how to beat most of the raid bosses Solo, or with a Dance Dance revolution dance pad. But completing it with a full fireteam is far better IMO then even trying to beat them solo. Of course the main purpose of these raids is to gather and collect loot, which includes Weapons and Armor.

Another thing that has always sucked me back into the game is the Gun play. The gun design including how the weapons are fired, and the different stats that apply to each weapon type make for some interesting loadouts.

I hope that Destiny 2 brings all of the listed above qualities and then some. Since this one is coming to PC is anyone in our group thinking about picking it up later this year?


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Re: Destiny 2 (PC)
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2019, 06:45:32 am »
Anyone in the community still into D2? It's not as bad as it was when it was released. I've been enjoying it quite a bit lately.