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Off Topic / Legion of Boom
« on: February 03, 2014, 11:39:05 am »
That has to be one of the most complete and dominating performances by a team in the Super Bowl for a long time. Haven't watched a game with that many exciting plays and that much energy in a long time either. Anyways, just wanted to post this for anyone who happened to be a lowly Broncos fan ummmm


Off Topic / I Miss You Guys!
« on: December 21, 2013, 06:55:59 pm »
Hey gents, finally made my way over to our new corner of the internet (new to me anyways, shows how often I'm around :p) and I gotta say it looks great! Real nice job! Unfortunately I haven't had much time for gaming lately, in case you guys hadn't been able to tell that yourselves, but both time and money are restricting me these days. I'm currently working full time still as a butcher, yes, I play with people's meat, and I'm also going to school full time pursuing my bachelor's in History and Geography. School is currently eating up pretty much my entire bank account, so for now BF4 is a little ways off, but I'm saving up for maybe a GPU upgrade and the game! It feels like forever since I've been around and I really miss gaming with you guys. I really hope I'm able to catch at least a little bit of action in the near future, maybe someone will put some money in my wallet for christmas :P Anyways, hope all is well with you guys! Miss everyone here, real bad. Trying my best to get back!


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